Blood pressure monitor 

Blood pressure monitor 

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The HEINE Gamma GP M-00.09.240 blood pressure monitor is an excellent quality pressure gauge with an integrated pump. The HEINE product is compliant with the European Society of Hypertension protocol. It is suitable for clinical applications. It is made so that it can be adjusted for both right and left handers. A modern pressure measurement system guarantees the reliability of the measurement and durability of the manometer. It is equipped with an innovative push button valve (Patent DE10353157). In addition, it has a reliable, precisely dispensing system of super fast air release.


Clear scale, quick and accurate pressure measurement

The HEINE Gamma GP M-00.09.240 blood pressure monitor is equipped with an integrated shock protection system. The housing is made of a thermoplastic mass. The pump or sleeve does not contain latex. The readout scale is large and clear. The large size of the pumping tube allows for quick inflation of the cuff, which significantly reduces the time of the entire measurement. The pump is equipped with a bucket supporting pumping. The cuff is suitable for washing, is made of high quality materials.

Technical data:

  • Diameter of the reading scale: 56 mm
  • A large pumping pear
  • Pressure gauge integrated with pear for right and left handers
  • Washable cuff in the selected size