Laparoscopic Instruments

Laparoscopic Instruments

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Category: Surgical Equipment

Laparoscopic Instruments including graspers, dissectors, scissors, needle holders, laparoscopes, electrodes, cannulas, and trocar products. Various sizes and handles available.


Multi-functional laparoscopic instruments. Choose from many handle styles, three instrument styles, 33cm or 45cm lengths, and dozens of dissectors, graspers, forceps, and scissors.

Monopolar needle electrodes for laparoscopic surgery. Retractable needle electrodes for precise lap cutting and coagulation.

Laparoscopic clip appliers and needle holders for 5mm and 10mm single clip application, modular 3-piece needle holders, custom lengths, and more.

Stainless steel with trumpet valve – straight and 45 degree angle – standard and threaded. Spring loaded, hasson, reducers, dilation sets, cleaning brushes, sealing caps, and more.

Multiple types of instrument holders that mount to accessory rails. Stainless steel, autoclavable.